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Time saving books that offer clay lesson plans which have everything a teacher, new or experienced, needs to present a successful lesson. The books are in a format that is easy to follow in a step by step layout.  Each book is great during your observations with a completed lesson plan from start to finish that you can present to your principal or observer.  Projects are open ended to allow for creativity and high level thinking skills. 

Each book is spiral bound for easy handling.  Some lesson plans have diagrams that make the step-by-step instructions very easy to follow and colored pictures of final projects that may help you, the teacher, have an idea of what the projects can look like finished.  Naturally, I hope you make it your own.  

I have made all of these projects in order to write clear and accurate step-by-step lesson plans.  The motivational techniques have worked in my classroom for years and I feel they will work for you to.  I hope you find these books of clay lesson plans helpful in your daily teaching

All books have:
Helpful hints to set up the classroom for clay (controlling dust, drying, etc)
Diagram of an inexpensive wedging table
Helpful indexes to locate a specific project
Sample of lesson plan form
Appendix to help find supplies for the projects
Recommended grade level, though this really depends on your students.

Each lesson plan, in all the books, contains the following:
National Standards
Cultural association (Artist, culture, book references, etc.)
Instructional Objectives
Materials list
Procedures-motivational technique and step-by-step instructions

Some lesson plans include:
Colored pictures of finished piece
Short Histories that relate to the subject
Cross Curriculum references

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