Janice Hobbs has been a professional potter for forty years. She received her BFA studying with Ken Ferguson at the Kansas City Art Institute and MFA studying with Warren MacKenzie at the University of Minnesota. Thinking she was going to move out of the country, Janice got her teaching certificate at Texas Christian University for backup and has never slowed down since.

In undergraduate school Janice worked in stoneware and porcelain clays, as well as raku, making functional pottery. In graduate school, she started working in low fire glazes, underglazes, decals and lusters on porcelain clay making more sculptural pieces. The interest in both functional and sculptural pieces is still growing and developing into areas she never imagined forty years ago. In the past few years the two methods of making pottery has intertwined into themselves forming functional wheel thrown pieces with sculptural and slab formed bases. These combo pieces are decorated with low firing glazes applied with airbrushes of every size.The future is leading into porcelain and white clays with more bright colored underglazes with their matt surfaces contrasting with the texture of the clay and shiny glazes applied in specific areas.

Janice has spent the last 20 years not only developing her own style in clay, but has also taught advanced high school classes in pottery, drawing, and A.P. portfolios. These classes were what started her to write clay lesson plan books. “I was getting calls in the middle of the night asking what to teach, how to teach and how do I fire a kiln”. She saw a great need for teachers who had never been given the opportunity to load a kiln much less fire one. Besides writing clay lessons she does workshops for teachers that let the teachers do hands on clay projects and ask many questions. The teachers stack kilns, fire kilns, make clay projects, use equipment they had never used before and participate in a raku firing. The day/s are fun, long, exciting, and exhausting.

Besides teacher, artist, and author, Janice operates a small supply company for teachers selling some of the supplies teachers specifically need. Stop by the studio and meet the artist, browse the studio and gallery, look at finished book projects, check out the clay lesson plan books, talk about supplies, or spend a day at a workshop. Make an appointment. As you can see Janice is a busy person.

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